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Bubbling fluidized bed gasification

A future solution for challenging biofuel applications

The bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology employed by ANDRITZ Carbona for biomass gasifiers can be operated at any reasonable pressure and is a valuable technology to mitigate climate change. The technology was originally licensed from the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in the United States (U-gas and Renu-gas processes). Since then, it has been further developed by ANDRITZ Carbona to be used in numerous applications for heat, power, or synthesis gas generation.

ANDRITZ Carbona BFB gasifier

ANDRITZ Carbona BFB gasifier

The company has developed a low-pressure biomass gasifier and gas cleanup system for use in gas engine-based combined heat and power (CHP) plants. The first plant (Skive, Denmark) produces 6 MWe and 12 MWth district heating.

The initial emphasis in the development of gasifiers was for high-pressure air gasification to be applied with a gas turbine combined cycle (IGCC) to produce power from biomass with the highest possible electrical efficiency. ANDRITZ Carbona is currently involved in development projects to implement the first IGCC plant.

Pressurized oxygen gasification for biomass-to-synthesis gas production and biomass-to-liquids (BTL) has been developed in R&D and pilot scale in collaboration with GTI. Due to the growing interest in producing synthesis gas from biomass for various environmentally friendly gaseous and liquid fuels, we have established several development programs with large industrial partners in order to remain at the forefront of this development. The highest potential use of biomass-based synthesis gas lies in production of liquid transportation fuels and synthetic natural gas (SNG) on a very large scale.

Schema of synthesis gas production

Schema of synthesis gas production


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