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ANDRITZ pneumatic dryers

Ideal for drying particulate materials in compliance with stringent environmental and energy efficiency demands.

Experience with different materials

ANDRITZ has a depth of experience in drying all types of materials with several different drying technologies. ANDRITZ pneumatic dryers are used to dry biomass substances, such as bark, sawdust, hog fuel, and wood waste, after it has been pulverized to an acceptable size for pneumatic conveying.

Pneumatic dryers can be equipped with an integrated grinder and wind-sifter in order to reduce particle size during the drying process. This configuration is suitable for producing pulverized fuel for rotating kilns or for pulverized firing in boilers.

The use of flue gases as heat transfer and transportation media is preferable as it secures a low oxygen content and safe operation.

Complete process solution

ANDRITZ delivers the complete dryer island: from hot gas generation to emissions control. The full system delivery ensures the highest quality in every part of the dryer island and the opportunity to provide full system guarantees.

State-of-the-art research and development

ANDRITZ dryer technology is tested and verified in an in-house lab facility as well as in detailed drum measurements in the field. ANDRITZ works with leading universities to benchmark the product quality and ensure that the latest technology is always implemented.

Technology from wood to final product

ANDRITZ provides the best technical and support solutions for customers to obtain the highest quality with the most efficient processes – from wood handling to final product. The ability to develop optimal particle sizes for different end uses makes ANDRITZ unique as supplier of a complete plant. This ensures the most suitable incoming material for the dryer – increasing dryer efficiency, reducing waste, and conserving energy.

ANDRITZ pneumatic dryers

ANDRITZ pneumatic dryers



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