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ANDRITZ rotary dryers

For drying biomass using any available fuel or heat source

Wide experience, many materials, for 8,000 to 1,000,000 t/a production

ANDRITZ has experience in drying all types of materials – including biomass such as bark, sawdust, hog fuel, wood waste, and so on.

ANDRITZ rotary dryers are designed to meet the specific physical characteristics of each biomass material. The most suitable drum interior and auxiliary equipment are chosen to optimize dryer performance.

Maximum heat transfer

The interior of an ANDRITZ dryer is designed to maximize the drying rate. The optimal relationship between falling time and resting time is chosen. The perfect mixture and distribution of material is achieved for different material types.

Complete process solution

ANDRITZ delivers the complete dryer island, from hot gas generation to emission control. The full system delivery ensures the highest quality in every part of the dryer island and the opportunity to provide full system guarantees.

State-of-the-art research and development

ANDRITZ dryer technology is tested and verified in an extensive in-house lab facility as well as in detailed drum measurements in the field. ANDRITZ cooperates with universities to benchmark product quality and ensure that the latest technology is always implemented in ANDRITZ dryers.

Technology from wood to final product

ANDRITZ will provide the best solution for each customer to obtain the highest quality in the most efficient process – from wood handling to final product. The ability to define the optimum particle size for the overall process makes ANDRITZ unique as a supplier of complete plants. The most suitable incoming material for the dryer is ensured, which again increases dryer efficiency.

Rotary dryer

ANDRITZ rotary dryer



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