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DRUM 400 Dolphin rotor

Unique Dolphin foil shape for higher capacity using less energy

While ANDRITZ supplies different rotor types for all OEM screens and applications, the most popular for many applications is the low energy DRUM 400 Dolphin rotor series. Due to its unique foil design and arrangement, the Dolphin rotor typically provides 15-30% energy savings compared to a conventional rotor design. However, energy savings as high as 60% have been documented in some cases.

The Dolphin foils create optimal pressure pulses: positive pulse for debris removal and negative pulse for cleaning the basket to minimize plugging. The unique foil form thus ensures stable operation with high capacities, even with highly contaminated furnishes.

DRUM 400 Dolphin benefits

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased capacity
  • No critical thickening
  • Good runnability even with highly contaminated furnishes
  • Available also with exchangeable foils
  • Different coatings and materials for high wear applications
Ro-Tec Dolphin rotors

DRUM 400 Dolphin rotor

Ro-Tec Dolphin – pressure distribution

Pressure and suction pulses over the Dolphin rotor foil

Ro-Tec Dolphin product range

DRUM 400 Dolphin rotor family


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ANDRITZ DRUM 400 dolphin rotor

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