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Inspection lines for automotive strip

Inspection lines from ANDRITZ Sundwig, placed at the end of the processing line, are sections to check the quality and results of each treated coil. The wide range of our finishing portfolio provides solutions for every requirement.

Product description

Inspection lines come at the end of a long process chain. The wide strip is inspected and conditioned here. Visual surface inspection or inspection assisted by automatic equipment makes product quality controllable and the results recordable for every single finished coil. This provides reliable quality data.

Large coils can be cut into smaller or medium-sized coils, and defective strip parts can be eliminated and used for lower-grade requirements. Trimming, center-cut, strip signature, thickness measurement, greasing – nearly anything is feasible: double uncoiling groups, automatic coil opener and transport system for both coiling directions, or separate coil sleeves for A and B grades with reverse transport to the welding machine.

ANDRITZ offers mature automation equipment with integrable level 2, thus providing an attractive solution for each and every requirement. Patented units ensure maximum flexibility.

Strengths and benefits of inspection lines

  • High degree of automation to reduce down times
  • Flexibility from customer-specific arrangement and design
  • Separate coil preparation system
  • Automatic coil opening and transport system for over-payoff as well as under-payoff
  • Edge trimmer with high-precision bearings for almost burr-free edge trimming, with edge trimmer unit swiveling through 90° and automatic adjustment system for strip width, knife clearance, and knife overlap
  • Edge scrap baler with driven lateral border disks ensures automatic operation without manual intervention
  • Non-contact strip marking equipment
  • Electrostatic strip oiling equipment

Many years of experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning sectors demonstrate our expertise in supplying customer-oriented solutions.

Trimming shears

Closest strip width tolerances thanks to edge trimming.

Inspection line, recoiling section

Inspection line, recoiling section

Laser welding

Hot-dip galvanized strip for automotive uses is roughened in the inspection cabin.

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