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Feeding systems for annual fibers

Specialized feeding technology to ensure trouble-free operation

The bulk density and shape of annual plants is often different to that of other fibers (e.g. wood chips). This requires different equipment and special concepts for feeding and dosing. ANDRITZ has a full range of systems to achieve the optimum solution.

Feeding of annual plants to the washing system

The material is either mixed to low bulk density in a chest and pumped to the washer, or it is mixed with water in the washer itself. Mixing beforehand requires higher cleanliness of the wash water. Storage and buffer areas are kept to a minimum to ensure fast rotation of the feedstock.

Feeding the plug screw

The plug screw is fed via a belt conveyor. The plug screw itself is filled by a pin drum feeder with overflow. This minimizes the risk of blowback, caused by inappropriate feeding of the plug screw. The digester screw is frequency controlled for precisely regulating of the digester level and heating time. A small level-controlled hopper ensures even filling and supply to the refiner for optimized fiber. The finger blow valve at the end can be tuned for minimum wear and is designed with wear parts for easy change out.


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