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Electric motor sheeting

The production of electric motor sheeting imposes strict requirements on the press and automation.

ANDRITZ Kaiser looks back on decades of experience in the electric motor laminations sector and provides the customer with state-of-the-art solutions. Precise timing and general performance are required for competitive productivity. Due to the large amount of cutting required, a very rigid machine is needed to absorb the rebound without damaging any equipment. Finally, the tolerances of the end product call for a very precise slide movement and low frame deformation.

Our well designed and thoroughly tested concept allows customers to manufacture high-quality products with maximum efficiency. ANDRITZ production lines for electric motor laminations are characterized by the following features:

  • Best-in-class feeding systems through unstacker or zig-zag roll feeder, centralized controls
  • Highly stable machine with split-design, cast iron frame for good vibration absorption and very low deformation
  • Clearance-free, pre-stressed guiding system for perfectly parallel sliding at every point of movement
  • Fast and precise transfer system
  • Integrated stacker for the end product

Strengths and benefits of electric motor sheeting

With our motto “focus on performance” and our experience, ANDRITZ Kaiser delivers a great price-performance ratio. As a result of all the above benefits, our customers receive:

  • Excellent productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Long-lived, easy to use, low-maintenance production lines
  • High quality and precision of the end product
  • Centralized, efficient project management
Tool chamber

Every tool chamber is customer-specific


Overview of a dual machine with zig-zag feeder, mechanical coupling and transfer


Fully automatic stacking system


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