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Mechanical stamping and metal forming presses

ANDRITZ Kaiser produces highly precise presses, thus increasing productivity, quality, and lifetime and decreasing overall operating costs.

ANDRITZ Kaiser has delivered more than 8,000 presses for numerous customers, each different in its application. A large number of factors have to be taken into account when deciding on the right press: productivity, technical requirements, fixed and running costs, delay, integration into the production line, process control, maintenance, spare parts availability – all these considerations affect cost efficiency.

Customer benefits

  • Highly rigid machine frame: A rigid frame reduces deformation of the guiding system, prevents negative harmonic response, and increases the lifetime of the press.
  • Clearance-free, pre-stressed guiding system, allowing a tilt-free slide movement, even under eccentric load. Slide movement has a direct impact on quality of parts, machine wear, and tool wear.
  • The closed-loop, high-pressure lubrication systen guarantees a large amount of oil at every lubrication point and regulates the machine temperature. There is no contact between the lubricating medium and the environment, ensuring reliable oil quality in the long term and a long lifetime for the hydraulic circuits.
  • Stable drive concept with high-quality motors, clutches, brakes, and gearings.
  • Technical versatility, for example in the drive concepts (regular gear box, planetary gear box, link drive, servo drive), enables precise tailoring to the customer’s needs.

Strengths and benefits of ANDRITZ Kaiser presses

  • Highly rigid press frame with very low deformation
  • Extremely precise, clearance-free guiding system; very low slide tipping
  • Closed-circuit, high-pressure lubrication
  • Highly stable drive concept
  • Broad selection of drive systems (direct, planetary gear, link drive, servo drive)

All these features contribute to providing high process reliability and quality as well as a longer press and tool lifetime, thus reducing the running costs and increasing added value.

Press overview

Overview of a 315 t press with central gear box

Guiding system

A look at the guides and ram height adjustment

Overload protection

Overload protection and ram height adjustment in one concept


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