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Debarking drum
Inside a debarking drumRotary debarker


For all climates and species

The challenge

Forest products companies are constantly challenged to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Maximizing the yield from the wood supply gives immediate economic and production paybacks. Minimizing fiber wood losses and recovering bark is critical to success.

The solution

ANDRITZ debarkers and debarking technologies are customized to location and fiber supply. ANDRITZ is a world leader in wood processing equipment. Whether the incoming wood supply is short wood, long wood, frozen, or tropical, ANDRITZ has proven solutions for debarking the wood effectively and efficiently.

ANDRITZ designs, manufactures, and delivers drum and rotary debarking equipment for bark removal from logs as part of a complete wood processing equipment portfolio. Our experience with over 500 drum debarker deliveries around the world means that you can buy with confidence from the leader in debarking drum technology.

Due to a variety of climates and wood species, ANDRITZ offers a range of drum and rotary debarking technologies to ensure suitability to your process and production requirements. Various feeding arrangements and log pre-treatment options are employed to deliver the optimum layout and highest debarking degree with minimal fiber losses – even in the toughest conditions.

ANDRITZ supplies the following debarking solutions

Drum debarkers

  • Rubber tire supported drum debarker
  • Steel wheel supported drum debarker
  • Water hydrostatic supported drum debarker

Rotary debarker

  • RotaBarker

These debarkers are offered as standalone solutions, as part of upgrades, or integrated into completely new lines. They offer outstanding uptime. A high degree of cleanliness of the debarked logs can be achieved even in the toughest conditions. The solid shell and rugged supporting systems of drum debarkers make it possible to debark very heavy hardwoods.

ANDRITZ RotaBarker is specially designed both for cold conditions, when there is no need for a separate de-icing conveyor before debarking, and also for tropical hardwood species with stringy bark like eucalyptus and acacia. RotaBarker provides less wood loss and less breakage with much lower energy consumption compared to drum debarking. Additional benefits include low noise level and lower total investment cost.

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