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LogPorter cranes

Improved log yard efficiency with the ANDRITZ LogPorter log handling system

The challenge

Forest product companies are constantly challenged to improve productivity and raw material utilization, to minimize pollution, and to reduce waste and operating costs. The log yard operation is often bypassed as a place where capital expenditure can produce large paybacks. As fuel costs continue to rise and labor shortages present management challenges, log handling operations merit closer scrutiny.

The solution

Deploying a LogPorter portal crane (gantry crane) as your primary log handling equipment typically reduces wood-yard operating costs by more than half.

One third of the manpower is required to operate a LogPorter portal crane yard compared to a loader operated yard, when each is processing an identical volume of logs.

Less maintenance and operating costs with LogPorter portal cranes

  • A LogPorter portal crane is one piece of equipment and requires much less maintenance than multiple loader arrangements: The LogPorter crane can handle the unloading, storing and feeding of the mill all in one.
  • LogPorter portal cranes run on electricity, eliminating the need to purchase expensive diesel fuel required by loaders.

Mills operating a LogPorter portal crane report less fiber loss and 75% less log breakage than yards operated by loaders.

Fast log handling cycle times

A LogPorter portal crane can make as many as 40 picks per hour (if travel distances are kept to a minimum). This allows for a high number of trucks to be unloaded when necessary. LogPorter portal cranes come equipped with storm brakes and can operate in all weather conditions and in wind up to 45miles per hour.

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