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ANDRITZ universal seal
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Engineered sealing solutions

ANDRITZ can solve the most challenging sealing problems to reduce downtimes and lower costs.

ANDRITZ offers sealing technologies and solutions for any rotating machinery – pressurized or atmospheric. Our experience in process industries can be successfully transferred to other industry sectors.

Our experts will guide you to the right sealing solution for your most challenging sealing problems.

ANDRITZ Universal Seal

The universal seal can be adapted to any application currently using packings, and most applications using mechanical seals. A standard design is available for a wide range of equipment (low and high consistency refiners, plug screw feeders, conveyors, ribbon feeders, pressure cyclone agitators, disc filters, bleaching towers, etc.) and can be customized to your application. The Universal Seal has many benefits over packings and mechanical seals and is offered in both solid and split versions.

Main benefits

  • Change from reactive to preventive maintenance mode
  • Cost savings
    • Operations – eliminate stops from frequent low-flow or high-flow alarms
    • Maintenance – reduced maintenance interventions
    • Reduction of energy and water consumption – less friction, less wear; less water purge required
    • Easy change out – elimination of damage and repair costs due to operating leaking equipment for extended periods (equipment “stretching”) because change would require a complicated overhaul (e.g. mechanical seal)
  • Increased reliability and service life – increased MTBPM (mean time between preventive maintenance)

Main features

  • Proven, patented design
  • No need to re-tighten at regular intervals
  • Better sealing performance
  • Customized to specific applications
  • Axial movement allowed
  • 0-3,600 rpm, up to 20 bar
  • 50-2,000 mm diameters

ANDRITZ packing

ANDRITZ packing is a packing arrangement with constant loading pressure.

Main benefits

  • Re-tightening at regular intervals no longer required
  • Wear is dramatically reduced since packings are uniformly loaded to the right pressure to avoid leaking
  • Continuous innovation of the wear sleeve and packing materials contribute to outstanding performance

ANDRITZ hydraulic seal

ANDRITZ offers a complete range of hydraulic seals for various applications: O-rings, V-rings, rod seals, backup rings, rotary shaft seals, piston seals, wipers, etc.

Special materials are available for severe operating environments.

ANDRITZ mechanical seal

ANDRITZ supplies a wide range of mechanical seal sizes and configurations at a competitive price. The seals are built to our exacting specifications. Individual customers may be able to benefit from our volume scale savings.

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