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Bar-Tec Valeo
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Bar-Tec Valeo screen basket

Next generation screen basket technology for OCC pressurized screens

The processing of OCC places heavy demands on a screening system. With conventional wedgewire screen baskets, the individual wires are highly stressed – changing shape or breaking, and vibrating with the high wind flows.

Not so with the Bar-Tec Valeo. Its unique stability is the product of advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing: no welding, clamping, rolling, or cage required. The result, therefore, is maximum performance, maximum efficiency, and long life.

Bar-Tec Valeo screen basket technology has achieved the combination of the highest slot width accuracy while providing excellent basket strength and durability for OCC applications. Never before has one screen basket combined these levels of strength and quality along with optimized efficiency and enhanced production.

The Valeo technology is an innovative method for full profile wire bonding without the use of a cage construction, clamping, rolling or welding. The result is maximum screening efficiency, fiber quality. and a strong, reliable screen basket.

To ensure that your screens provide maximum performance, ANDRITZ Fiedler offers you on-site process analyses, technical solutions, and training. We have the expertise and can cite successful installations worldwide as references.

Bar-Tec Valeo benefits

  • Maximum mechanical stability due to non-welding manufacturing process
    • Metal bond material between wire and support ring creates a very strong joint
    • Rugged construction regardless of diameter and profile type
    • Reduced internal stresses and increased dynamic strength
  • Stronger design
  • Longer basket/rotor life
  • Extremely reduced notch effect from ring-to-wire connections leads to high dynamic stability.


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