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PrimeCoat Film and PrimeCoat Size

ANDRITZ film and size presses are used to apply sizing suspensions and coatings simultaneously to both surfaces of paper/board web.

Film and size press

The ANDRITZ PrimeCoat Film is a film press for simultaneous double-sided paper sheet coating and and/or sizing of paper and board. Different suspensions and weights can be applied on each side. It can also be used for single-sided applications. Due to the compact design, the film press requires very little space and allows a fast change of the applied weight. The PrimeCoat Size is a device for simultaneous application of sizing to both sides of paper and board only.

Web floating system

The PrimeAir Glide is a non-contact web floating system installed in paper board machines in combination with film presses. It supports the web on a cushion of air through its angular path.

Advantages at a glance

  • Single- or double-sided coating
  • Minimal operational cost
  • Wide speed range
  • Quick change of coating weight
  • Good MD and CD profiles
  • Similar effect to contour coating
PrimeCoat Film press

PrimeCoat Film press


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