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Paper machine approach cleaner systems

Efficient debris and heavy particle removal with centrifugal cleaners

AhlCleaner TC/SC 133: efficient removal of small debris with pressurized rejection

The ANDRITZ AhlCleaner TC133 is highly efficient in removing small impurities from stock. It combines two independently operating cleaners with common feed and accept chambers. The TC 133 consumes little power due to the low-pressure drop design. Pressurized rejection of impurities prevents air from entering the accept and reject flows. Fiber losses in the cleaning operation can be reduced by using specially designed cones in the latter stages of cleaning. No special tools are required to install the cleaners, and wear parts can be replaced quickly and easily.

The AhlCleaner series utilizes modern technology which has evolved from over 40 years of experience. There is a model available for every pulp and stock cleaning application.

Advantages at a glance

  • Durable plastic and ceramic cones
  • Directions of feed and accept connections can be selected
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Easy to operate, maintain, and install

AhlCleaner RB series and Bauer Cleaners: large cleaner family with unpressurized rejection

The following ANDRITZ AhlCleaner RB and Bauer Cleaner series are used in paper machine approach systems:

  • AhlCleaner RB 87 and AhlCleaner RB 45: small-diameter cleaners for high cleanliness
  • AhlCleaner RB 200, AhlCleaner RB300, and Bauer Cleaner: efficient, medium-consistency cleaners
  • RB200PI: plug-in for Flying Wing Deculator (FWD) wings and combined cleaning/de-aeration

ANDRITZ AhlCleaners can be equipped with various types of cones to enhance the separation of debris and heavies in order to maximize cleaning efficiency and minimize fiber loss, such as:

  • Pressurized rejection
  • Free rejection
  • Eliminator
  • Flush cone (rejector)
  • Vortex dilution
AhlCleaner TC/SC133

AhlCleaner TC/SC133

Flying Wing Deculator (FWD) plug-in cleaners

Flying Wing Deculator (FWD) plug-in cleaners


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AhlCleaner TC133
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