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Bar-Tec Nobilis screen basket

Setting new standards for slot width distribution, stickies removal, and screening efficiency in DIP applications.

The latest technology in basket manufacturing comes with no welding, rolling, or clamping – in short, no residual stresses during manufacturing. The design technology of Bar-Tec Nobilis results in screening performance never seen before.

Reliability is the key for every pulp and paper mill. ANDRITZ Fiedler achieves a new level of reliability with the Bar-Tec Nobilis. Slot width accuracy is a very critical component for achieving screening efficiency and the highest levels of stickies/impurities removal.

The innovative ANDRITZ Fiedler Bar-Tec Nobilis for DIP applications provides the most accurate slot width distribution ever produced in a screen basket. The highest levels of stickies/impurity removal and screening efficiency in DIP applications is critical and the Bar-Tec Nobilis slot width accuracy has proven to be a very critical component for achieving these levels.

This proven ANDRITZ proprietary technology achieves the tightest tolerances with full profile wire bonding which avoids internal stresses that are inherent in clamped, rolled, and/or welded baskets.

Available also for PM approach systems in headbox quality

Bar-Tec Nobilis in headbox quality is the preferred choice in approach system screens. They are ground and electro-polished, which makes them free of rough areas that could cause spinning. These screen baskets pass the cotton wool test every time. In addition to the quality test for all screen baskets, products of headbox quality are subject to special inspections before shipment.

Bar-Tec Nobilis benefits at a glance

  • High screening efficiency
  • Additional screening capacity
  • Extraordinary roundness
  • Able to handle process upsets


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