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Bar-Tec W screen baskets

Compatible with screening systems from all leading OEMs

Significant cost pressure, declining raw material quality, and the need to make existing equipment run longer are placing new demands on the screening operation. Bar-Tec screen baskets help meet these cost pressure factors (both in the initial cost and in reduced energy consumption). Thanks to the robust design, the service life is longer, and the baskets help minimize wear and tear on bearings and seals.

Bar-Tec screen baskets are available for all screen types from leading OEMs. They are built to achieve the maximum open surface area for highest throughput. The design improves screening performance and increases efficiency.

ANDRITZ Fiedler manufactures Bar-Tec screen baskets without seams and without forming effects that would detract from the basket’s excellent roundness. Bar-Tec baskets are precision-manufactured and have reproducible slot widths. Different surface finishes are available, including electro-polishing and chrome plating.

The correct screen basket and rotor combination is critical for successful screening. ANDRITZ Fiedler can select the correct combination for your process. On-site process optimization and upgrades can be conducted with our engineers and specialists. With ANDRITZ Fiedler, you can expect individualized care and rapid availability of replacement and wear parts.

Bar-Tec W screen baskets benefits

  • Seamless design; no lengthwise weld seams
  • Excellent roundness
  • Very good slot width precision
  • High mechanical load capacity
  • No form closure connection that would allow vibration of the profiled bars
  • Automated welding process for high-precision manufacturing
  • Perfectly adjusted screen basket profiles
  • Available for all screens
  • Surface finishing as required

Precision Bar-Tec W headbox screen baskets

The Bar-Tec W in headbox quality is the preferred choice for approach system screens. The baskets are ground and electro-polished to eliminate rough areas that might cause spinning. These screen baskets pass the cotton wool test every time. In addition to standard quality tests, Bar-Tec W headbox screen baskets are subjected to a special inspection before shipment.

Bar-Tec W headbox screen basket benefits

  • Excellent precision
  • Minimum wear due to optional surface coating
  • Best possible surface quality for spin-free operation
  • Profile selection according to process requirements
  • Available for all approach and headbox screens
Bar-Tec W inflow

Bar-Tec W inflow basket

Bar-Tec W detail

Detailed view of the Bar-Tec W basket

Bar-Tec W outflow

Bar-Tec W outflow basket


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