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Air pollution control service

Keeping your flue gas cleaning plant in shape and up-to-date to meet new requirements

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations may provide a sustainable basis for future generations, but they also expose the limits of older FGC installations. ANDRITZ offers full support for modernization of air pollution control systems in older power plants and industrial facilities.

It is not just the new coal-fired power plant projects that are facing more stringent emissions control requirements. Recent bills passed by the European Union demand increasing SO2 removal efficiencies for existing scrubber systems.

FGDplus is a tailor-made solution – not only for greenfield projects, but also for retrofitting existing open spray towers. It is one module for increased SO2 removal efficiency and its application on the power market is only one of the tools available to our modernization specialists. The reduction of NOx, heavy metals, and particulate matter emissions are other technologies in our portfolio for modernizations.

ANDRITZ expertise covers every aspect of plant engineering and modernization. We aim at minimizing downtime. This ensures cost-effective operation and minimum loss of production.

  • We analyze specimens in our laboratory and provide accurate conclusions without delay.
  • We develop and implement optimization concepts for your plant.
  • We identify the most cost-effective solution for your specific challenges with respect to both investment and operational expenses.
  • We take care of the planning and execution from project development, to plant commissioning, to support during the warranty period.
  • We provide tailor-made solutions for the modernization of FGC facilities based on your needs and interests.

Reviving old plants and flue gas cleaning systems

Reviving old plants and flue gas cleaning systems

Modernization of FGC facilities to meet stringent emissions control requirements

Modernization of FGC facilities to meet stringent emissions control requirements


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