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ANDRITZ MDF spiral refiner plate technology

Spiral refiner plates are an innovation which lower energy consumption and improve fiber quality.

ANDRITZ produces refiner plates that bring added value to MDF customers. The latest plate innovations include new designs and metal alloys leading to significantly lower energy consumption and improved fiber quality – plus extended plate life.

Production safety, reduction of specific energy consumption, and consistently high fiber quality are the requirements of all MDF producers around the world. To meet these requirements, ANDRITZ has application and product experts who can audit your refiners and recommend plate solutions that improve your cost structure and product quality.


Service is very important to your production facility. We offer refiner plate designs that are custom-tailored to meet your requirements. Our technology keeps your productivity and quality at the highest level with the lowest overall cost. Our service specialists can advise you on how to reduce specific energy consumption and extend plate life while improving fiber quality.

MDF spiral technology

The challenge lies in reducing energy consumption and optimizing fiber quality.

New spiral refiner plates are the solution. The spiral plate design allows us to custom-tailor a pattern to lower the specific energy consumption and improve fiber quality.

The new 2-zone spiral technology can also increase your refiner’s throughput. This is primarily due to the greater channel widths in the infeed area of the refining zone. In order to maintain high fiber quality, the number of bars in the outer zone of the spiral is increased. As a result, the cutting length necessary to produce superb fiber quality is obtained in the outer refining area.


When developing new MDF refiner plates, ANDRITZ constantly evaluates new alloys in order to obtain the best strength and wear properties to suit all MDF refining applications.

MDF refiner plate installation

ANDRITZ MDF spiral technology

The logarithmic SPIRAL technology is responsible for a constant crossing angle between rotor and stator

Custom-tailored refining plate designs

ANDRITZ MDF spiral refiner plates are available for all makes of refiner

ANDRITZ MDF refiner plate alloys

Spiral technology and process-related alloy selections are the key to lowering energy costs, improving fiber quality, and extending plate lifetime



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