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LimeLine recausticizing systems - high quality conversion of green to white liquor

ANDRITZ LimeLine technology for recausticizing is the result of high expertise, many years of experience, and innovative process solutions.

The Challenges

The recausticizing process is the final stage in the chemical recovery sector – converting green liquor from the recovery boiler into white liquor for the cooking plant. The goal is to produce as much strong white liquor (NaOH) as possible for the cooking process, while maintaining high purity and high temperature.  

The Solutions

ANDRITZ recausticizing technology is a central part of the LimeLine white liquor production process. It produces high quality, homogenous white liquor with minimum alkaline loss and waste. The fully automated LimeLine recausticizing plant produces zero effluents and has high availability -- making it the most cost-effective and environmentally sound process for producing white liquor.

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ:

LimeGreen – falling film cross-flow green liquor filter

  • Efficient separation of even small impurities
  • High availability
  • Less make-up lime required
  • No need for lime mud precoat
  • Long filter cloth life
  • Stable operation

LimeFree – dregs handling free of lime mud

  • No lime mud needed – minimizes the amount of waste to landfill
  • Optimized lime purging
  • Small footprint required for installation

Green Liquor Cooler – efficient and trouble-free

  • Less over-liming and over-boiling
  • No cleaning required
  • Fewer acid washing shutdowns in white liquor filtration
  • Better causticizing control
  • Efficient droplet separation

LimeSlake – multi-compartment lime slaker

  • Large lime mud particles
  • Improved separation of white liquor – alkali savings
  • Improved filtration of lime mud – alkali savings
  • Higher dry solids in lime mud
  • Self-cleaning
  • Effective scrubber
  • Clean working environment

LimeMilk – one-to-three compartment causticizer

  • Optimal sizing due to compartment flexibility
  • Carefully agitated
  • No lubrication water
  • No bottom bearing

LimeWhite – white liquor filter

  • Continuous operation
  • Clean and hot white liquor
  • Fully automated
  • Higher white liquor yield
  • Reduces water circulation
  • Less white liquor dilution

LimeDry (CPR) – lime mud washing and dewatering

  • CPR – Continuous Precoat Renewal
  • Reliable, continuous feed to kiln
  • Continuously high dry solids
  • Filter cloth washing during operation
  • Energy savings and less ring formation in kiln
  • Lower TRS emissions

LimeDry – lime mud washing and dewatering

  • High capacity in a single unit
  • Reliable, continuous feed to kiln
  • Continuously high dry solids
  • Filter cloth washing during operation
  • Energy savings and less ring formation in kiln
  • Less TRS emissions
  • Totally closed design – dust-proof, clean working environment
Recausticizing equipment

Recausticizing equipment

LimeDry filter

LimeDry lime mud washing and dewatering filter


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