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ANDRITZ chloride and potassium removal systems

Systems for removing chemicals from precipitator ash

The challenge

As mills reduce the amount of effluents and emissions, they retain and recirculate more chemicals in their chemical recovery systems. Not all these chemicals are required for the process and, in fact, some of the non-process elements (NPE) can cause problems in the chemical recovery cycle. Specifically, elements such as potassium and chloride can cause corrosion and efficiency problems in the chemical recovery boiler. The challenge is to reduce or eliminate these NPEs to manageable levels.

The solution

ANDRITZ ARC (Ash Re-Crystallization) and ALE (Ash LEaching) are proven systems for removing chloride and potassium from the chemical recovery loop. They enhance the efficiency of the chemical recovery process while consuming a minimum amount of energy. The systems are selected and designed to meet each kraft mill’s unique operating requirements and chemical characteristics.

ALE (Ash LEaching) benefits

  • Low capital cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to integrate into existing processes

ARC (Ash Re-Crystallization) benefits

  • Excellent removal efficiency
  • High chemical recovery
  • Simple to scale up for larger capacities
Ash leaching retrofit to existing boiler

Ash leaching retrofit to existing boiler


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