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ANDRITZ Liquor Heat Treatment (LHT) system

Permanent reduction of liquor viscosity to enable higher dry solids levels

The challenge

Modern mills require very high final dry solids from the evaporation process. For certain mills and pulping processes, the liquor viscosity can increase to a level that makes liquor processing difficult.

The solution

In the ANDRITZ Liquor Heat Treatment (LTH) process, liquor is treated at elevated temperatures. This results in permanent reduction of liquor viscosity and enables operation at higher dry solids levels.

Liquor heat treatment applications

  • Kraft liquor
  • Soda liquor
  • NSSC liquor

High energy efficiency

The Liquor Heat Treatment (LHT) process can be integrated into multiple-effect evaporators, concentrators, or operated as a stand-alone installation. The system can be designed for optimum energy usage and also integrated into existing processes.

ANDRITZ evaporation plant

ANDRITZ evaporation plant


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