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ANDRITZ technologies for non-condensable gas (NCG) treatment

Solutions leading to an odor-free pulp mill

The challenge

During the kraft pulping process, unpleasant-smelling compounds are generated as by-products. Capturing these compounds and avoiding release to the atmosphere is a challenge. In addition to odor control, the benefit of treating these compounds is that the heating value they contain is recovered.

The solution

ANDRITZ offers a full line of treatment systems for concentrated non-condensable gases (CNCG), dilute non-condensable gases (DNCG), and stripper off-gases (SOG). The thermal treatment location can be selected according to mill-specific requirements and conditions.

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ

  • CNCG treatment systems
  • DNCG treatment systems
  • SOG treatment systems
  • Ammonia removal systems for NOx reduction
Burner opening on a recovery boiler

Burner opening on a recovery boiler


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