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Deculator systems

Complete de-aeration in a paper machine approach system

The ANDRITZ concept for air removal from stock

Complete deaeration of pulp ahead of modern, high-speed paper and board machines is a necessity. Pressure drops and micro-turbulences in the headbox release dissolved gas into entrained air bubbles. ANDRITZ’s experience with more than 900 deculator installations shows conclusively that only complete removal of all free and bound air adhering to fibers gives the full benefits of deaeration.

Air removal benefits

  • Improved drainage
  • Better sheet formation
  • Increased production and machine efficiency
  • Improved consistency stability into the headbox

Requirements for complete deaeration

  • Spraying large quantities of tiny stock droplets creates a large pulp surface area for air to escape efficiently
  • Impingement is required to release the bound air and to break down the fiber bundles
  • Boiling via vacuum completely removes the air and releases dissolved gases

ANDRITZ multi-retention deculator

Consistency disturbances are one of the causes of basis weight variations and are difficult to stabilize. ANDRITZ multi- retention deculators significantly reduce these disturbances. Stock flows through the feed manifold of the deculator, which divides consistency disturbances into smaller components as they pass through the SPINJET nozzles. Each small component has a different retention time inside the deculator. Due to the counter-direction of flow inside the deculator, random disturbances can be dampened or totally suppressed, depending on their frequency.

ANDRITZ flying wing deculator: combined deaeration and cleaning

The flying wing deculator offers both complete deaeration and efficient cleaning of paper stock. The distribution of cleaner pipes on the deculator’s wings ensures thorough mixing of the stock and attenuation of any short-term consistency variations. The benefits of this design include:

  • Higher cleaning efficiency because of fewer dynamic hydraulic disturbances
  • Low power consumption – no need for cleaner back-pressure
  • Long cleaner life and low maintenance – vacuum core inside the cleaner
  • No plugging of cleaner cones
  • No control valves necessary for accepts and rejects
Multi-retention deculator MRD

Multi-retention deculator MRD

FlyingWing deculator FWD

FlyingWing deculator FWD


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