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Automation systems for animal feed processing

ANDRITZ has extensive experience with automation control of animal feed production. We can ensure a reliable and optimized solution for your entire production process.

By maintaining close communication with our valued customers as well as with ANDRITZ mechanical and process engineers internally, we are continuously setting new standards for the technical capability and functionality of automation solutions. Our focus on innovation makes us the market leader in process automation. We set trends, rather than just following them.

We can provide the highest feed quality since we have full control of the process and provide built-in traceability. Additionally our systems can be easily integrated into existing ERP and plant control systems via a database interface.

Our control interfaces can be operated via touch screen panels, as well as multiple-screen setups that allow for a complete view of the process flow. The intuitive graphics makes it easy to understand and operate; this shortens the training time of new operators.

Our automation systems are available as basic control systems or fully automatic systems for control of each process machine or even complete process lines. We identify the optimum automation products to ensure the best solution for your specific production needs.

The result is cost-effective processing and consistent product quality.

Advantages for livestock feed production:

  • Exact dosing of multiple additives (dry and/or wet)
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Retention control of product (cost-effective production)
  • Reduced waste, re-pelletizing products during start/shut down

Our automation department offers:

  • On-site commissioning of control systems
  • Services on-site
  • Online support directly to the system via Internet
  • Customized control solutions upon request



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