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RECOVAP pre-evaporators

For processing low solids liquors or effluents prior to the main evaporator

The challenge

Process low-solids liquor or effluent prior to mill main evaporation system with minimum energy consumption while maximizing plant availability and condensate quality.

The solution

RecoVap pre-evaporators use proven lamella-type heating surface. With its inherently non-foaming design, this is ideal for the low-solids applications where foaming risk is greatest. Use of lamella-type heating surfaces allows the use of multiple various heat sources, even inside the same unit, and enables the selection of the most energy efficient process connection.

Inherently non-foaming design

One major benefit of the design is less foaming, due to low vapour velocities inside the evaporator, low shear rates, and the free flow falling film construction.

Non-plugging design

Uniform liquor distribution on the heating elements and continuous redistribution of the liquor by the dimpled shape of the surface ensure a completely wetted heating surface and eliminate the potential for scaling or over-concentration of liquor.

Cleanest condensates

High efficiency condensate segregation in the evaporator ducts and lamellas, plus integrated stripping of foul condensate fractions, produce clean and re-usable water. Separated methanol is recovered in a methanol liquefaction system.


  • Inherently non-plugging design
  • Maximized energy efficiency and utilization of existing secondary heat sources
  • Lowest steam and electricity consumption
Evaporation plant

Evaporation plant


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