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ANDRITZ liquid methanol (MeOH) plants

Converting stripper off-gases (SOG) into liquid fuels that can be stored safely

The challenge

Evaporator condensate treatment by stripping produces stripper off-gases (SOG) that have high amounts of sulfur compounds. While stripper off-gases (SOG) have high heating value, but they cannot be stored, making treatment options more difficult.

The solution

ANDRITZ liquid methanol plants convert stripper off-gases (SOG) into liquid fuel with less than 20% water. Liquid methanol (MeOH) is an excellent fuel that can be stored safely.


  • Elimination of long pipelines for carrying stripper off-gas (SOG) to thermal treatment equipment
  • Easier NCG combustion with liquid fuel
  • Removal of turpentine and related hazards from NCG streams
  • Easy disposal of turpentine/red oil with liquid methanol
  • Production of liquid fuel
    • Liquid methanol is easy to store for balancing operations
    • Good lime kiln fuel
    • Optimum support fuel for CNCG burners
  • Skid-mounting for retrofit cases
    • Easy to install
    • Minimum down-time
ANDRITZ liquid methanol plant

ANDRITZ liquid methanol plant


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