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Technoflex shrink covers

A perfect TecnoWeave for washer drums, forming rolls, couch rolls, and sieve cylinders

The Technoflex line was produced to complement our AKU-TEC stainless steel wires. Some customers prefer to use synthetic fabrics for their application.

Technoflex shrink covers are very easy and time-saving to handle. The benefits provided by Technoflex shrink covers include excellent dewatering and a long, productive service life.

For washer drums, filters, forming rolls, and couch rolls, as well as for drum thickeners for stock preparation, ANDRITZ Kufferath supplies Technoflex shrink covers made of PVDF or polyester for all different shrinking methods. Our product specialists can help you determine the best choice for your application.

Fabric structure of Technoflex shrink cover

Our standard Technoflex shrink cover is characterized by strong yarn diameters and excellent dewatering capacity

Open-ended Technoflex shrink cover

Open-ended Technoflex shrink cover made of polyester with excellent quality



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