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Solutions for processing and sizing different biomass materials for boilers and gasifiers

The challenge

Biomass needs to be cleaned of impurities and its size reduced so that the full energy potential of the biomass can be obtained in the next process.

The solution

ANDRITZ has complete solutions for processing and sizing different biomass materials. The scope of supply can vary from complete plants to individual equipment delivery. ANDRITZ has a depth of experience in project management, ensuring reliable deliveries and excellent economic results for customers.

Screening, crushing, and separating systems for biomass

  • Disc screens
  • Magnetic separators
  • Shredders for oversize materials
  • Crushers and crushing stations for non-shredded materials (e.g. stumps, wood waste, forest residuals, logs, pallets)

An ANDRITZ system for pre-shredded biomass materials consists of a reliable and efficient screening and shredding unit with closed construction to minimize dusting. The biomass is screened and shredded to the correct particle size suitable for the power boiler or gasifier. A magnetic separator is integrated into the system to remove ferromagnetic particles. The size of the screening and shredding station is scaled to the capacity of the line and the required particle size.

ANDRITZ disc screens and shredders are well-proven technologies designed for continuous operation. Special attention has been paid to maintenance intervals and ease of maintenance access to minimize overall maintenance costs.

ANDRITZ stand-alone crushers are designed for crushing wood waste and forest waste. The crushers can accommodate very difficult and stringy materials, such as eucalyptus and acacia bark. For these applications, a different tooth arrangement is used to cut the material. The crushers are fed by a belt feeder. The crusher design features easy-to-change crushing teeth. Parts of the grating underneath the rotor can be maintained or changed easily.

Features of biomass processing and size reduction

  • Compact, closed unit to avoid dusting
  • Wide product range to accommodate different capacities and particle sizes
  • Crushing of large biomass (e.g. stumps and wood residuals) is handled in a stand-alone crushing station
  • Dust removal systems
  • Self-cleaning disc screen
  • Ease of maintenance


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