Receiving biomass
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Biomass receiving and conveying

ANDRITZ offers handling solutions for receiving different biomass materials and capacities

The challenge

The cost of producing energy from biomass is very much dependent on efficient handling of the various types of biomass available. There is often the need to receive and handle several different types of biomass. In many cases, the space available for biomass handling is limited.

The solution

The scope of supply can vary from complete plants to individual equipment delivery. ANDRITZ has a depth of experience in project management, ensuring reliable deliveries and excellent economic results for customers.

A complete biomass handling system usually consists of

  • Receiving facility
  • Screening and shredding station
  • Crushing station
  • Storage
  • Reclaiming system
  • Conveyors


  • Wide and flexible capacity range
  • Wide material range (e.g. wood chips, pellets, bark, hog fuel, peat)
  • Size reduction crushers or chippers for stems, logs, waste wood, roots, etc.
  • High uptime with rugged and proven design
  • ATEX-approved design available when needed

Receiving systems for biomass materials

  • Chain pockets/hoppers
  • Screw pockets/hoppers
  • Stocker reclaimers
  • Truck dumpers

ANDRITZ designs receiving systems for different types of biomass and in different configurations. Receiving equipment is available for back-tipping, self-unloading, and side-tipping trucks or rail cars. Loading with front loader is also possible.

Receiving equipment can be installed in a pit or at ground level depending on the customer’s needs. The size and volume of the receiving pocket can be suited to vehicle volumes or turn-around times. The receiving pit can be used as small buffer storage or as emergency or mixing pocket.


  • Wide and flexible capacity range
  • Variety of different volumes
  • Varying particle sizes can be received
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low operating costs
  • Effective dust removal
  • Available for different climate conditions
  • Enclosed building or outdoor installation
  • ATEX-approved design available

Biomass conveying equipment

  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Screw conveyors
  • Belt bucket elevators
  • Special conveyors

ANDRITZ conveyors provide a safe and reliable solution for transporting biomass materials in a continuous and uniform flow.

Our belt conveyors are an economical and reliable choice for transferring biomass over long distances at high capacities without disturbing noise levels. The design of the belt conveyor gallery can vary from a simple open solution to a totally closed and washable conveyor gallery. The design enables a long distance between support legs to minimize the cost of civil works as well as minimize obstructions on the ground.

A chain conveyor is a reliable choice for transporting unscreened or dusty biomass, or when the space available is limited.

Screw conveyors are a very economical alternative for transporting biomass over short distances. ANDRITZ offers screw conveyors from 400-2,000 mm in diameter.

Belt bucket elevators are one of the preferred methods of transporting material in locations where space is limited. They are suitable for lifting biomass to different heights and are available in a range of capacities. Energy consumption of a belt bucket elevator is very low. With a minimum of wear parts, belt bucket elevators are easy to maintain.


  • Reliable construction and operation in severe conditions
  • Wide range of materials handled (e.g. wood chips, bark, hog fuel, peat)
  • High uptime with rugged and proven design
  • Hundreds of installations
  • ANDRITZ proprietary design


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