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Stacker reclaimer
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Chip storage and reclaiming systems

Offering integrated solutions for stacking and reclaiming

With a large portfolio of products in this area, ANDRITZ offers a solution for virtually every wood or biomass raw material storage need.

Our expertise includes

  • Boom-type stacker reclaimer
  • 360-degree boom-type stacker reclaimer
  • Linear storage systems with screw reclaimer discharge
  • Round silo storage systems
  • Chip receiving stations with hopper discharge systems

Boom-type stacker reclaimer

The ANDRITZ stacker reclaimer is an integrated system designed for storing and reclaiming large volumes of granular bulk materials. It consists of a luffing and slewing belt-type stacker and a luffing and slewing rake-type chain reclaimer to manage a semi-circular storage pile.

The stacker and the reclaimer are each supported independently by a heavy central column via large diameter slewing bearings. Each stacker reclaimer is supplied with a complete power distribution (MCC) system and a pre-programmed and tested control system.

360-degree boom-type stacker reclaimer

The ANDRITZ 360 stacker reclaimer is a complete system that stores and reclaims wood chips in a continuous 360 degree radial configuration. The system is divided into two main parts: a stacking system and a reclaiming system. The reclaiming system consists of a reclaimer and an equalizing hopper.

The discharge rate is automatically controlled from the equalizing hopper by continuously monitoring a belt scale and regulating the speed of the two metering screws in the hopper to meet the required process capacity.

Linear storage systems with screw reclaimer discharge

ANDRITZ linear storage systems can be covered or open type. Reclaiming is performed with a screw reclaimer. ANDRITZ has designed a shuttle belt stacking system for stacking the linear piles. It consists of a traveling belt conveyor, which moves back and forth above the pile and distributes chips evenly over the whole pile area.

Round silo storage systems

Silo diameters can be up to 25 m for bark, and up to 42 m for chips. Silos can be made of steel or concrete and with or without insulation.

Silo storage helps maintain constant chip moisture conditions, it is environmentally friendly as it creates dust-free conditions, and there are no issues with snow or ice.

Effective chip storage in the toughest conditions is essential to uniform quality when moving chips to the next process.

Chip receiving stations with hopper discharge systems

ANDRITZ chip receiving stations are designed to handle large quantities of screened or unscreened purchased chips. Chips are discharged from the hopper with screws or linear stokers. The receiving station can be equipped with a disc screen for scalping out foreign particles.

Receiving stations can include truck dumps and or rail car unloading, and hoppers are customized to your discharge requirements.

Moving grid bars on the top of the chip receiving pocket allows chips to flow easily between the bars and into the pocket.

In addition to helping chip flow, the grid bars also prevent foreign particles from falling into the receiving pocket.

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