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High flexibility in drylaid technology

With the eXcelle and aXcess range, ANDRITZ offers comprehensive solutions for any kind of drylaid process.

Drylaid web-forming is the continuous processing of staple fibers to generate an even, nonwoven web. It uses one or more cards, which can be followed by a crosslapper that then lays the carded web with the requested fabric weight and fabric width.

The process stands out due to its high flexibility and suitability for use with nearly all existing fibers, from natural to man-made fibers, also allowing blends of different fiber types and different degrees of fineness. Its attractiveness is enhanced by the option to shift quickly from one fiber blend to another.

Drylaid web forming can be combined with any bonding technology, from mechanical needling to hydroentanglement, as well as thermal and chemical bonding. As an alternative to crosslapping technology, the carded web can also be bonded inline. Fabrics from linear production are lighter, speeds are much higher, and fabric width is generally set by the maximum working width of the card.

The ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau drylaid webforming technology for the eXcelle or aXcess range includes equipment for the production of webs with nearly any type of staple fiber over 25 mm.

ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau neXline needlepunch eXcelle

ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau neXline needlepunch eXcelle


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