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ProDyn technology

A comprehensive self-regulating control system applicable to all ANDRITZ lines with card and crosslapper.

The ProDyn technology creates constant interaction between the Dynamic card and the Dynamic crosslapper. It includes a scanning gauge and closed loop self-regulating.

The gauge at the end of the line monitors the fabric weight evenness in both cross and machine directions (CD & MD). Working in automatic mode, the ProDyn system pro-actively generates the fiber distribution at the delivery of the crosslapper by anticipating the batt deformation generated by the subsequent bonding process.

Accordingly, the Dynamic crosslapper lays down a heavier or lighter card web in a consistent manner, maintaining a loose fiber tension.


  • optimizes the weight profile
  • increases the final batt evenness
  • generates fiber savings by reducing the average fabric weight and edges


Interaction card/crosslapper

Interaction card/crosslapper

ProDyn impact on the card web

ProDyn impact on the card web

ANDRITZ scanning gauge screen

Detailed quality control


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