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ScanChip analyzer
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Optical chip analyzer

The challenge

Analyzing wood chips online or in the laboratory to get fast and accurate information on chip quality for optimization of the pulping process.

The solution

The ANDRITZ optical ScanChip analyzer for laboratory and online chip quality analysis.

ScanChip analyzer

The ANDRITZ ScanChip analyzer uses image analysis technology to monitor chip quality in a fast and accurate way. The basic ScanChip system is designed for offline (laboratory) analysis. As an option, it can be equipped with an automatic chip sampling device to take regular, representative samples from the chip flow.

The ScanChip system is beneficial for:

  • Obtaining accurate and frequent chip quality data so that the pulping process can be adjusted to match actual chip quality (e.g. chip size distribution information used to optimize cooking control)
  • Optimizing the interval between chipper knife changes
  • Documenting the quality of purchased chips to ensure proper payments
  • Replacing labor-intensive chip sampling and laboratory tests
  • Defining chip quality in accordance with testing or mill standards like the SCAN method

Chip quality is analyzed by measuring the chip dimensions (length, width and thickness) using image analysis technology. Different chip size distribution methods can be simulated (e.g. the SCAN-CM 40:01 standard method). The ScanChip analyzer has a capacity to process five to 10 chip samples of 10 liters each per hour.

ScanChip with operator

ScanChip with operator

In the online configuration, ScanChip can be programmed to automatically take representative chip samples from the continuous chip flow. Regular and representative chip samples ensure accurate chip quality data.

The measurement data on each sample is stored in the internal database and can be easily exported to a mill’s DCS or other computer system. A report is generated for each analyzed chip sample. Custom reports can be easily created to meet mill’s information requirements.

Optional measurement modules

Measurement modules can be added for monitoring chip moisture and chip brightness. The modules are fully integrated into the ScanChip system to measure each chip sample. All types of chips, independent of wood species, size or temperature, can be analyzed.


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