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Industrial burners, complete heating systems, and combustion equipment

ANDRITZ FBB is a leading supplier of industrial burners, complete heating systems, and combustion equipment with global experience in many thermal process industries.

ANDRITZ FBB delivers industrial burners and heating systems for a wide range of thermal applications in industry, particularly in the steel and aluminum industries, the forging industry, and for many other low- and high-temperature processes. The company is best known for advanced thermal process technologies and serves established markets, as well as expanding into new markets worldwide.

Steel industry: continuous and batch furnaces

  • Reheating furnaces (rotary, pusher-type, and walking beam)
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Forging furnaces
  • Batch furnaces
  • All other direct-fired or radiant tube applications

Aluminum industry

  • Melting and holding furnaces
  • Homogenizing and annealing furnaces

Other applications include

  • Heat treatment
  • Biomass boilers and gasifiers
  • Thermal post-combustion
  • Chemical industry

Furnace and process studies provide the basis for tailor-made solutions to suit our customers’ requirements.

The product range extends from cold and hot air burners to regenerative burner systems and flameless combustion operating with almost all types of fuel.

Types of burner

  • Ignition burner
  • Radiation burner
  • Flat flame burner
  • Impulse burner
  • Radiant tube burner
  • Ultra-low NOx burner
  • Flameless burner
  • Regenerative burner
  • Oxygen burner
  • Sinter burner
  • Customized burner
ultra-low-NOx burner

Pusher-type furnace equipped with ultra-low NOx burner, developed for lowest NOx emissions, high heat capacity, and maximized energy efficiency (Photo: voestalpine Grobblech GmbH)

Regenerative burners

Regenerative burners installed on an aluminum melting furnace

Roof burner

Roof burner of a sinter plant ignition furnace for uniform and efficient ignition of the sinter

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