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ANDRITZ services for power plants

ANDRITZ boiler service experts work in close cooperation with customers to improve the safety, performance, stability, availability, and efficiency of power generation equipment. With service and manufacturing centers around the world, ANDRITZ is well-positioned to offer the full support our customers need.

The challenge

The challenge in any power plant is to raise the overall production efficiency of power generation by increasing availability, efficiency, throughput, safety, and environmental compliance.

The solution

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER offers a range of value-added services, from replacement parts to complete maintenance agreements, to ensure the overall production efficiency of your power plant. ANDRITZ provides engineered services for fluidized bed boilers, oil/gas fired boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), and boilers using blast furnace gas or other process gases as fuel, as well as services equipment and components for biomass handling, ash conveying and air pollution control.

From routine and preventative maintenance to performance enhancements and modernizations, you can depend on ANDRITZ power plant service to analyze your operations, assess the condition of the equipment, and advise how to improve the efficiency and performance of your plant, including the flue gas treatment system. To complement our services, we manufacture and stock a full range of replacement parts. Specialists can assist in shut-down planning, on-site coordination, supervision, and the actual shut-down work.

Challenge us to put our experience, technology, and knowledge to work at your power generation plant.



ANDRITZ power plant service benefits

  • Safety - always priority number one
  • Maximum production
  • Improvements in boiler and auxiliary equipment availability and reliability
  • Extended payback and reduced lifecycle costs
  • Short and effective shutdowns
  • Successful start-ups
  • Fuel flexibility – multi-fuel combustion from biomass to alternate fuels
  • Improved combustion and boiler efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • All operations in compliance with environmental and quality requirements

Value-added services offered

  • Spare, wear parts, and consumables
  • Rebuilds and retrofits
  • Upgrades and modernizations
  • Field services and inspections
  • Shut-down and start-up services
  • OPE (Overall Production Efficiency) agreements
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