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ECOmode for HCl acid regeneration plants

Save energy, reduce emissions – be one step ahead

ANDRITZ METALS has always worked to improve and optimize the technology of Acid Regeneration Systems. While the quality of both the regeneration process, and the side product of iron oxide has reached highest levels, energy consumption and emissions have become the focus of development.

ECOmode is designed to optimize the process:

  • saves 25% energy
  • capacity increase of existing plants
  • smaller carbon footprint

This newly developed process represents the next big step in a series of improvements, and can not only be used for new installations, but also for existing plants. We have available attractive service packages to upgrade running systems, with low initial investment.

The patented ECOmode was already successfully installed and demonstrated its enormous potential. When applied on existing installations, the upgrade comprises of measures for both the equipment and the control software. In addition, long-term support via remote diagnosis, effective personnel training and regular site visits from our experts are part of the package.



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