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Looking for new separation technologies turning your olives into gold?

Your daily challenge is to produce oil of the highest possible quality.

With its innovative technologies, ANDRITZ SEPARATION helps you obtain optimum yield, supreme quality, and greater purity, while preserving the flavor and fragrance of your oil. At ANDRITZ SEPARATION, we can offer you solutions for each step of your olive oil production process.

F-series decanters



The F-series decanter designed and manufactured by ANDRITZ is a highly versatile machine, capable of delivering lowest oil content in the cake for any variety of olive processed. With a special scroll design perfectly suited for olive oil extraction and an adjustable skimmer to control and adjust separation efficiency in live machine operation, you will obtain maximum yield at all times, supreme quality (as the oil separated will contain less contaminants), and in the end, the flavor and flagrance of the oil produced will benefit from this.

Adjustable skimmer on decanter

Adjustable skimmer on decanter


  • Unique scroll design for lowest oil loss in the cake
  • Only high-grade stainless steel comes into contact with the product in order to ensure better quality
  • Multimode decanter for 2- or 3-phase operation with simple touches
  • Double motor drives to adjust machine speed during processing when the optimum process mode is achieved, thus always generating maximum yield
  • Two frequency converters for speed control with energy regenerating mode.
  • Fully replaceable wear parts, even tiles on the scroll for a fast and easy regenerative procedure with substantial money saving
  • Two versions:
       - Performance (ANDRITZ SEPARATION standard): skimmer, double drive system, Stardec with CIP for excellent separation
       - Base: one motor, gravity discharge, and low power consumption deliver excellent value for money

Olive oil separators

The new Brillante olive oil separator

The new Brillante olive oil separator

ANDRITZ SEPARATION provides two series of separators, both with automatic discharging. The CA-O models are characterized in that they discharge water and olive oil by gravity. Automatic discharge can be controlled manually by the operator or using the dedicated control panel. The new Brillante series comes complete with a CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) system. The oil is discharged by gravity for best quality, and the water is discharged by centripetal pump along with the water from the automatic washing cycles by the integrated CIP system. The bowl can be cleaned during operation at any time during the processing season without having to disassemble the machine. Our CIP system allows easy, fast, and frequent cleaning of the separator, even under worst conditions and with a high level of accumulated dirt in the bowl, thus providing maximum separation efficiency at the highest productivity.


  • Top-quality olive oil because the bowl is always kept perfectly clean
  • Higher productivity thanks to optimum separation efficiency
  • Reduced labor costs because the operator does not need to dismantle the separator
  • Low water consumption as no water need be added
  • Low oil temperature pick-up, due to the low residential time and the specific design
  • Bowl made entirely of stainless steel to ensure highest sanitary standard
  • Reduced energy consumption, spare parts costs, and noise level thanks to the belt drive

Separator for olive oil processing

Separator for olive oil processing




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