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Yankee service - steel and cast

The ANDRITZ lifecycle management service for steel and cast Yankees offers comprehensive service tools to extend the Yankee’s lifetime and to improve its runnability and performance.

Lifecycle management

The lifecycle management service for steel and cast Yankees – no matter if tissue, paper, MG-paper or tobacco; no matter what brand, no matter if old or new. The lifecycle management program looks after your Yankee throughout its entire life span with on-site service and assembly, PrimeCoat Stratos coating technology, metallization work, and on-the-run measurements.

On-site coating and mobile grinding unit

PrimeCoat Stratos, the thermal coating solution for full-face coating and spot repair, can be done directly on site, at the customer, with the latest coating technology. The new mobile grinding units in Europe and Asia perfectly serve the customers’ needs and help to extend the Yankee’s lifetime.

On-the-run measurement

Diagnostics and analysis such as on-the-run measurements (OTR) help to check the Yankee’s shape and temperature profile and determine the right time for regrinding and metalizing.

Yankee experts

With more than 100 steel and cast Yankees supplied and successfully put into operation worldwide, among them the largest steel Yankee in the world (22 ft. diameter), ANDRITZ has proved its knowledge and experience in the field of Yankees.

At a glance

  • Mechanical on-site service
  • Safety and risk management
  • Logistics and engineering
  • Performance and consulting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostics and analysis
Yankee lifecycle management

Yankee lifecycle management

PrimeCoat Stratos

PrimeCoat Stratos, latest coating technology

Audits, field service, OTR maesurements




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