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Francis runner, Dereköy hydropower plant, Turkey
Pelton unit, Bolgenach hydropower plant, AustriaAxial units in workshop, Cayalti hydropower plant, Turkey

Mini Compact Hydro

Mini Compact Hydro offers competitive solutions for micro and mini hydro power plants. The level of standardization and parametrization was deeper expanded, keeping same level of performances and quality, for lower investment costs and simplifying operation and maintenance of small HPP’s.

Mini Compact Hydro range includes Kaplan and axial units (20 kW - 1,500 kW), Francis units (up to 3,000 kW) as well as for Pelton units (up to 5,000 kW).


Kaplan units up to 1500 kW

  • Various configurations suitable for any kind of site arrangement (spillway, weir, irrigation, channel, etc.) – belt driven, with speed increaser or direct coupled
  • for heads from 2 m up to 26 m and outputs from 20 to 1,500 kW

Francis units up to 3000 kW

  • Horizontal or vertical axis
  • direct coupling
  • heads from 10 to 150 m
  • power output range from 20 to 3,000 kW

Pelton units up to 5000 kW

  • Horizontal 1 to 3 jets and Vertical up to 6 jets arrangements
  • heads from 60 to 800 meters
  • power output range from 100 to 5,000 kW


  • Synchronous or asynchronous type
  • Horizontal or vertical shaft
  • Air or water cooled
  • Brushless excitation

Electrical power system and Automation

  • Automation, control, protection, excitation and synchronization equipment
  • Auxiliary equipment’s and low voltage distribution
  • Low voltage or Medium voltage system

Water-to-Wire (W2W) solutions and Electric Power Systems



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