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Krauss-Maffei TDF pressure drum filter

Especially for fine and, in particular, ultra fine-grained products, pressurized filtration is the technology of choice to achieve an increased specific filtration rate and higher product quality. The TDF comes in a closed design, which allows processing under inert gas.

General information

The Krauss-Maffei TDF pressure drum filter comes in a closed design, which allows processing of toxic products under inert gas. When conventional methods have to pass or are insufficient, our pressure drum filters are the right choice to meet your separation requirements efficiently and reliably. Operation at pressures of up to 10 bar and temperatures of up to 200 °C are thus no obstacle anymore.

Your benefits

  • High flow rates at low residual moisture and high washing efficiency
  • Optimized hydraulic efficiency
  • Easily accessible process area, locking of pressure vessel with fast clamp ring
  • Maintenance-friendly, wear-resistant discharge system
  • Suitable for effective steam pressurization
  • Processing of suspensions at high pressures and temperatures
  • Handling of toxic products
  • Adaptable differential pressures for each filtration zone



Plastic intermediates (e.g. BPA, PTA, PET, melamine, etc.), dyestuff, beneficiation pigments (e.g. iron oxides, titanium dioxide), soda, pharmaceuticals


Starch, proteins, coffee

Mining and Minerals

Coal preparation, iron ore


Processing parameters

Average particle size 1-300 µm
Filtration capacity 1,000-10,000 l/m2h
Solids throughput up to 9,000 kg/m2h
Pressure operation up to 10 bar
Operating temperature up to 200 °C


The suspension to be filtered is fed continuously to the filter trough. Depending on the application, different systems are available to guarantee homogeneous mixing of the slurry. Thanks to the specially designed pendulum agitator from ANDRITZ SEPARATION, sedimentation of the solids is prevented.

The shell of the filter drum is divided into cells and covered by a filter cloth. Approximately 30% of the filtration area is submerged in the suspension and the drum rotates at up to 6 rpm.

The Krauss-Maffei TDF pressure drum filter operates with overpressure inside the pressure vessel, forcing the liquid to filter through the filter cloth. Inside the control head, the drum surface is divided into different process steps: cake formation, cake washing, demoisturizing, discharge, and cloth washing. In the course of one revolution, each point of the drum area passes through these zones in succession. The filtrate drains off through hydraulically optimized suction cells, filtrate pipes, control head, and separator.

The filtered solids layer emerges from the slurry as the drum rotates and is then washed, dried, and removed from the filter cloth. The wash liquid is applied to the cake either directly by washing devices (weirs, spray nozzles) or through a wash belt placed on top of the solids layer.

The filtrates from the washing zones can be drained off separately, enabling multi-step counter-current washing. The filter cake is

discharged by means of a discharge device covering the entire drum width and which is specially suited to the cake thickness, consistency, structure, etc. (scraper, roller).

As the drum rotates, it is re-immersed in the suspension. The filter cloth can be cleaned before the next filtration cycle, either with water jets or with bubbles.

If the pressure level in the connecting process steps is different to the operating pressure of the Krauss-Maffei TDF pressure drum filter, a rotary valve is used for equalization.

Krauss-Maffei pressure drum filter TDF discharge systems

Discharge design options

Discharge design options

Your savings

  • lower investment costs due to reduction of the total number of machines employed in the process
  • smaller footprint
  • less peripheral equipment needed
  • lower operating costs due to lower specific energy consumption
  • fewer spare parts needed
  • optimized design for ease of inspection and time savings
  • lower maintenance costs
  • minimized downtimes

Krauss-Maffei pressure drum filter TDF

Dimensions and weight

Technical data Model TDF 9.2 TDF 13.1 TDF 20.9 TDF 26.2
Filter area [m^2] 0.72-4.3 6.0-12.0 16.0-26.0 29.0-41.0
Drum diameter [mm] 920 1,310 2,090 2,620
Drum width [mm] 250-1,500 1,500-3,000 1,500-4,000 3,500-5,000
Number of cells [-] 20 20 24 24
A [mm] 3,200-4,550 6,550-8,050 8,350-9,850 10,400-11,900
B [mm] 2,300 2,575 3,600 4,650
C [mm] 2,650 3,475 4,350 5,375
D [mm] 4,750-6,000 9,700-11,200 12,750-14,250 14,900-16,400
E [mm] 5,100-6,350 11,150-12,650 14,275-15,775 16,300-17,800
(without product)
[t] 6.35-7.5 13.5-22.0 32.8-36.5 45.0-51.0
(with product)
[t] 6.53-7.95 14.2-23.6 35.3-39.9 48.5-56.5

All technical data are approximate and subject to change without notice.

Krauss-Maffei TDF outline

Krauss-Maffei TDF outline

Krauss-Maffei TDF open

Krauss-Maffei TDF open

Krauss-Maffei TDF inside view

Krauss-Maffei TDF inside view



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