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LCPS - Low-consistency protection system

Your unique refiner measurement device

The ANDRITZ LCPS is a unique measurement device for LC refiners. The different vibration measurement functions replace manual equipment measurements. With the functions provided, equipment status can be monitored 24 hours a day regardless of manpower availability. The customer knows the status of the equipment connected at any second and can predict any faults at an early stage. This advantage, combined with the unique plate protection function, will boost plant availability to the maximum. Unscheduled plant stoppages because of equipment faults can be avoided. This benefit and the fact that there is no need for manual measurements will save you a great deal of money and problems.

ANDRITZ Low-consistency protection system

ANDRITZ Low-consistency protection system


The ANDRITZ LCPS analyzes vibration signals within the refining system. Frequency ranges and limit values can be configured as necessary. The digital technology of the LCPS allows the user to configure the acceleration signal within 0-100 kHz for plate protection. Two digital outputs are linked to each channel in order to allow proper and immediate remedial action in case of increased measurement values. This protects the equipment automatically, 24 hours a day. The LCPS can be set up either as a stand-alone unit or can communicate with other units in a network (PC communications software included). The additional possibility of remote access can provide extra benefit as ANDRITZ is then able to assist if there are problems.

Benefits and features

  • Reduced costs because each LCPS unit can monitor up to 4 LC-refiners
  • Fast protection with a prompt alarm system (< 30 ms)
  • No license costs for software



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