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Corn wet milling

Corn wet milling – starch industry equipment

Through its’ Bauer and Sprout brands, ANDRITZ has been supplying equipment to the corn starch industry for over 100 years

The degerming machines supplied today represent the most modern of design while maintaining the exact same performance characteristics for which we are known.  They are designed specifically for degerming and are available in 36 inch and 52 inch diameters providing capacities of up to 60,000 BPD in the first stage application.

New 600-36 – DD for capacities up to 600 TPD on fine grind

Large diameter (52 inch) single disc refiners were pioneered by ANDRITZ for the power intensive third (fine) grind application. They are gear coupled and available with up to 1000 connected HP. For areas of the world where only 50 Hertz power is available or where direct replacement of existing machines is necessary due to space constraints, ANDRITZ offers a newly redesigned version of the double disc refiners supplied to the industry since the early 1930s. The new design features V-belt drives located outboard of the bearings, standard pillow block bearings, total connected HP to 600 and optionally available remote plate gap adjustment and load control instrumentation.

Other equipment supplied for the wet milling process

Gravity Screens

Gravity screens supplied through ANDRITZ SEPARATION for dewatering steeped corn, degermed corn slurry and germ washing.

Germ separation systems

Germ separation systems featuring high capacity 8 inch diameter centri-cleaner liquid cyclones arranged in sets with inlet, underflow and overflow headers, custom sized to meet the higher capacity requirements of todays’ plants.

Roto-shaker line of dry screeners

Feed house equipment such as the ANDRITZ roto-shaker line of dry screeners, used for screening of corn gluten feed, removes oversized agglomerates to reduce the load on the hammer mill  The roto-shaker’s gyratory-reciprocating screening action evenly distributes material for uniform separation. The unit features a unique, simple drive with fewer moving parts than competitive machines; the roto-shaker is noted for its low, easy maintenance. Exclusive “scotch ply” tail end bearings are greaseless and provide extremely long life.

Hammer mills

The ANDRITZ hammer mills reduce corn gluten feed agglomerates prior to pelleting.

Pellet mills

The ANDRITZ pellet mills are the machine of choice for pelleting corn gluten feed. The rugged design of these machines assures minimal downtime in this 24/7 process. They are supplied in die diameters up to 36 inch with connected HP to 700.

Rotary valves

ANDRITZ's Sprout line of rotary valves is the choice of wet millers. The 24/7 requirement of the process combined with the extreme corrosive and abrasive nature of many of the applications demand a ruggedly constructed valve of the correct materials of construction. With outboard bearing with packing glands as standard plus our exclusive clean out panel allowing rotor tips to be adjusted and replaced in place Sprout rotary valves assure long service life.

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