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Rotary knife cutter

ANDRITZ precision rotary knife cutters are used by most of the major processors in reclaim systems that allow scrap to be re-processed – often without further densification. The rotary knife cutters are applied to flocking alpha cellulose pulp for chemical products such as CMC.
  • Open rotor design and precision knife arrangement: A uniform airflow with the open rotor design reduces heat build-up, improving performance and product quality
  • Precision knife arrangement: Maximizes inch-cuts-per-second and eliminates “knife-creep." It features a dual-knife shearer with uniform clearance the entire length of the knives
  • Open top design: Affords easy access to either side of the cutter-granulator without having to reach over the rotor. Bed knives and rotor knives are located at a comfortable working height
  • Roll-out screen: Designed to provide quick and easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Push-pull lock bolts: Prevent knife creep and allow for precise rotor knife and bed knife settings
  • Roll off cover: Offers easy access to rotor knives and bed knives
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