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Bioethanol production - Grain and cellulosic

ANDRITZ equipment is uniquely suited to the preparation of feedstocks for both grain based and cellulosic ethanol processes. Whether dry grinding or reducing high moisture feedstocks, ANDRITZ has the capability to fulfill the requirement. Our experimental laboratory offers the possibility to determine and confirm fineness of grind as well as capacity.

ANDRITZ offers a range of equipment for these processes:

Hammer mills

ANDRITZ hammer mills for dry grinding are available in sizes up to 600 HP and are capable of reducing a wide variety of grains and biomass feedstocks.

Disc refiners

For high moisture grains and wet biomass feeds disc refiners in sizes up to 1000 connected HP are available.

Pellet mills

On the back end of these processes, ANDRITZ pellet mills produce higher density free flowing pellets from DDGS. Our pellet mills, available in sizes to 700 HP, also produce discrete pellets from high moisture sludge’s ahead of fluid bed dryers or pelletize dried sludge’s from processes where technology other than fluid bed is used.

Double agitator (DA) mixer

Double agitator (DA) mixers produce an agglomerate free slurry from dry feed, water and yeast rich backset ahead of liquefaction, scarification and fermentation. DA mixers are also applied to continuously blend wet cake, evaporated liquor and dryer recycle to provide a free flowing relatively agglomerate free feed to rotary drum dryers.  

Roto-shaker line of dry screeners

The ANDRITZ roto-shaker line of dry screeners has a variety of uses. They clean incoming grains for grain based ethanol production. They also provide efficient scalping to protect size reduction equipment and can be used to remove fines from pellets prior to sacking or load out. The roto-shaker’s gyratory-reciprocating screening action evenly distributes material for uniform separation. The unit features a unique, simple drive with fewer moving parts than competitive machines. The Roto-Shaker is noted for its low, easy maintenance. Exclusive “Scotch Ply” tail end bearings are greaseless and provide extremely long life.

Rotary valves

ANDRITZ's Sprout line of rotary valves is a leading choice throughout ethanol processes because of their rugged construction and long working life. Built of cast iron, stainless steel, or cast iron lined with chrome, they offer service up to 15 psi in both positive and negative for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying. Used as feeders or airlocks, the valves are able to handle abrasive materials. Their eight-blade rotor design provides superior, two-blade sealing without loss of pocket capacity. Outboard bearings prevent product contamination, while dust-tight operation extends valve life. These modular rotary valves have components that can be interchanged in the field and an access panel for quick in-place maintenance.

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