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Spot-on nonwovens calenders for high-capacity nonwovens production

ANDRITZ Küsters provides just the right nonwovens calender solution to suit the demands of a high-capacity spunbond production plant.

neXcal - the benchmark for high-capacity spunbond production

The right nonwovens calender solution for the demands of high-capacity nonwovens production up to 24,000 t/a with one engraving design in operation. Whether the applications are for hygiene, medical, or filtration, this nonwoven calender is the right choice, guaranteeing the best result with just two rolls.

With a standard roll width of up to 5,800 mm and a speed up to 1,250 m/min, the neXcal two-roll nonwoven calender allows you to enter the high-capacity spunbond market with different opportunities for multiple uses. One engraving design allows continuous production of a high volume of nonwoven fabrics. The open machine design offers easy access to the various components, hazard zones, and supply units.

High-speed production

With our expertise in high-speed production for the paper industry, we adapted this unit to produce up to 1,250 m/min of state-of-the-art nonwovens. Dust protection for all bearings and a separate cooling roll unit ensure a smooth process.

neXcal twin - the expert with utmost flexibility in nonwovens production

What are the demands of a modern nonwovens production plant? High production capacity, fast reaction, utmost flexibility, and excellent efficiency, to name but a few. The three-roll nonwovens calender neXcal twin is the response to these demands. The three-roll arrangement offers the benefit of fast and easy roll change.  

Take advantage of a fast and easy product and roll change to increase your nonwovens production time. Pre-heat the counter-roll while it is still in the stand-by position. Switch rolls quickly into production position with individual drive and supply units on each counter-roll. Cool the roll down while in stand-by position, ensuring a smooth production process. Thanks to the fixed height of the web infeed to the machine, there is no need to adjust the conveyor belt, and engraving on the same web side is ensured.

Upgrade your neXcal twin

Store your rolls with our roll stand next to your production process. This allows smooth roll changing during production and keeps the rolls in a tidy arrangement.

neXcal nonwovens calender

neXcal – the benchmark for high-capacity spunbond production

neXcal twin nonwovens calender

neXcal twin – the expert with utmost fexibility in nonwovens production


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