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Maximizing the energy benefit of bark

The challenge

How to remove moisture from bark in an economical and reliable way?


The patent-pending ANDRITZ HQ-Press delivers bark with approximately 5%-units higher dry solids content than any competitive unit. This can increase the net green energy value of the bark up to 15%.

Unlike competitive units which have enclosed structures, the HQ-Press has an open, simple design. The components are easily accessible for maintenance. As a side benefit, the open design helps with housekeeping activities which reduces odors and mold spores in the operating environment.

The design of the HQ-Press features a self-orienting drum with two-phase pressing to achieve the higher dryness. While conventional presses typically achieve an annual average of 40% dry solids, the HQ-Press is able to deliver an annual average of 45% dry solids in normal operation.  Advanced controls on the unit maximize the output under a variety of operating conditions.

The HQ-Press is a robust, reliable solution for bark handling in any woodyard or biomass handling operation


  • Net green energy value can be increased up to 15%
  • High capacity
  • Remote connectivity for IoT applications
  • Flexible layouts for infeed and outfeed
  • High uptime and availability
  • Significantly longer life of the screen drum than in existing solutions

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