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The ANDRITZ RheoScan is the first optical measurement system on the market that detects the actual sludge viscosity during thickening and dewatering processes. RheoScan then efficiently and accurately adjusts the needed polymer dose to match changing flow rates and sludge conditions.

Adjustment of polymer dosage

The ANDRITZ RheoScan has been developed to control the adjustment of polymer to the current sludge conditions in real time 24/7.  Polymer and sludge processing costs will be reduced due to avoidance of drop off in cake dryness, blinded belts, and overdosing of polymer. In all types of municipal and industrial sludge processing facilities the ANDRITZ RheoScan can be applied to belt filter presses and gravity belt tables of all manufacturers.

Your benefits

  • Cost savings of up to 40% thanks to reduced polymer consumption
  • Amortization period of only a few months
  • Massive reduction of overspills
  • Gas yield increase through optimized polymer dosage for digested sludge
  • Increases plant reliability and stability of machine operation
  • Operates without requiring supervision
  • A patented technology which works with any manufacturers’ automated polymer delivery system
  • CE-certified & UL508A optional


Municipal sludge, industrial sludge

ANDRITZ RheoScan installed at a gravity belt table

RheoScan helps to control adjustment of polymer in real time 24/7 and therefore reduces polymer and sludge processing costs.



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Case study: Process optimization with RheoScan at a wastewater treatment plant in Slovenia
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