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Heavy-duty belt press CPF

The heavy-duty belt press CPF is a continuously operating belt filter press manufactured in a modular design with unique flexibility. In fact, we have been working closely with customers for more than 150 years to continuously improve the lifetime value of every machine. Our latest heavy-duty belt press is part of this evolution, setting a new standard in throughput, efficiency, and reliability.

A new standard in flexible, efficient and high-throughput dewatering

The CPF SMX-Q has been developed in close cooperation with our customers in order to address the key challenges in modern dewatering and filtration. Despite its small footprint, the robust design contains an impressive array of features, including a reliable belt tension system and a flexible drive (hydraulic or electric). Compared with conventional belt presses, the cost of ownership is minimal, remote service is simple, and a greatly extended lifetime of high availability makes the machine reliable, simple, and cost efficient to operate.

Your benefits

  • Highest throughputs of up to 50% more than comparable competitor machines
  • Lowest required residual moisture of final product
  • Optimized flocculant consumption (e.g. with RheoScan system)
  • Reliable non-stop operation and highest availability
  • Flexible operating parameters (e.g. belt speed and belt tension as well as filtration pressures can be adjusted acc. to process requirements)
  • Modular design, small footprint, and easy to access and maintain

Peak performance

We have also managed to further enhance performance to deliver lower residual moisture, higher throughput, and more flexible to changing feed conditions than any other belt press on the market. To reduce the costs of consumables, flocculant consumption can be optimized via an intelligent flocculant dosing system (e.g. RheoScan) to consistently deliver a more homogeneous material feed.

Whatever your process requirements, the CPF SMX-Q can be adapted easily to give you better control and performance in your dewatering operations than ever before.

Key feature

A key technological feature in the CPF SMX-Q is its optimized roll geometry. This means that each roll’s unique size and arrangement contributes maximum throughput and minimal residual moisture. The optimized roll geometry ensures a continuous pressure increase to achieve the perfect dewatering characteristics.

Application areas of the heavy duty belt press

             Mining and Minerals

  • Tailings from the mining and coal industries
  • Contaminated soil
  • Harbour sludge
  • Dredgings
  • Oxalate in alumina refineries
  • Various industrial sludges



  • Cooking slurry
  • Various other chemical applications


  • Residue from quarries


  • Citric acid
ANDRITZ SEPARATION heavy-duty belt press CPF

The CPF SMX-Q is a continuously operating belt filter press manufactured in a modular design with unique flexibility.

Perforated rolls

The first 2 rolls in the press zone are perforated in order to double the dewaterings area.



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Heavy-duty belt press CPF – Operating principle

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