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Horizontal vacuum belt filter

Continuous filtration for optimum cake moistures

The horizontal vacuum belt filters by ANDRITZ Delkor (Pty) Ltd. offer numerous advantages for process plants:

  • High filtration rates and large tonnage capabilities
  • Excellent washing efficiencies and lower cake moisture
  • Long service intervals and low maintenance costs

Applications of the horizontal vacuum belt filter

Typical applications for the horizontal vacuum belt filter include:

Dewatering Washing  
Coal fines Gold/silver recovery in cyanide process  
Rutile/zircon and titanium sands Washing of phosphate rock  
Iron ore fines (both hematite and magnetite)                          Nickel/cobalt and manganese salts  
Pyrites Uranium for SX recovery  
Nickel Potash/soda ash and lithium salts  
Zinc Acid-leached copper and cobalt  
Lead Recovery of alumina from sintered mud  
Copper Vanadium leached from magnetite  
Phosphate rock Hemihydrate and dihydrate calcium sulfate from phosphoric acids  

Washing applications

High extraction efficiencies are the key to profitability in most washing applications, whether it is for gold, uranium, phosphoric acid, copper, or alumina. The horizontal vacuum belt filter can attain wash efficiencies of more than 99.8% as plug flow displacement and multi-stage counter-current washing is utilized over the filtration area.

Materials of construction

We offer a complete range of solutions for corrosive, abrasive and hot filtering applications; from the highest quality stainless steels to FRPs and plastics. The filter frames are manufactured from open channel and angle sections to prevent problems associated with corrosion when using box sections.

Cake discharge

Cake discharge on most applications is spontaneous, but ANDRITZ makes use of cake scrapers or water slides to ensure complete cake removal in the event of wet, sticky products.

Transporter belt

We have constructed the widest filters using 4.8 m rubber belts. These are available in natural rubber, SBR, neoprene, and EPDM, depending on the process requirements. All our transporter belts have a carcass-free center zone to ensure long life by preventing contact between the carcass and corrosive filtrates.


Largest belt filter plant in the world consisting of 26 HVBF units each with 80 m² filter area


Typical cake discharge on a horizontal vacuum belt filter



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