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ANDRITZ linear screen - revolutionary screening

The linear screen has been further developed for a variety of industries, ranging from
pyrometallurgy to sewage and effluent.

The linear screen by ANDRITZ Delkor (Pty) Ltd. is proven in the removal of tramp oversize from process feed streams and has found applications in classification at fine apertures. The acceptability of this screen, for use in gold plants using the carbon-in-pulp (CIP) process, is confirmed by the 350 units which are in operation worldwide.

A feed box, which is perforated at the bottom, is positioned above the cloth. The feed enters the feed box, from where it passes onto the cloth medium. The oversize fraction is retained on and travels on top of the revolving cloth and is discharged on the drive roller end into a discharge chute. The undersize fraction passes through the aperture of the cloth and gravitates into an underpan.

Many ANDRITZ linear screen contracts have involved retrofitting the linear screen in the place of conventional screening systems. The following major advantages are evident:

No vibration

Eliminates the possibility of stress cracking on structural steelwork.

Cloth life

  • On average three to six months on milled gold slimes
  • Cloth replacement in a maximum of 30 minutes

High efficiencies

  • Efficiencies of over 98% have been measured.
  • Low power consumption

High availabilities

The prototype at Afrikander Lease has operated at over 99% availability.

Lower noise levels

Noise levels are considerably lower than vibrating screens, and this contributes to operator comfort.

Greater flexibility

There is a large range of screen cloths to choose from, allowing significant operating flexibility.

Lower maintenance cost

In general, a maximum of 5% of capital cost can be saved per annum.

belt filters linear screen

Delkor linear screen DLS

belt filters linear screen

Oversize wash spray bar on linear screen DLS



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